Elder Scrolls Online Play Sessions

Audio sessions of 3 guys playing the Elder Scrolls Online.


I have been playing a lot of Destiny and really love the game. All the reviews are dead on about the story not being great, but the combat more than makes up for it. Russell and I get together often and play. If you want to join us come hit us up on PSN.

Episode 11: Status Report

A status report for ESO Play Sessions. Check out our new Warthunder podcast over at Thunderbums.com

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Creating ESO: Identity and Update 3

The importance of customizing your character can’t be overstated. Watching a character come together is something we love, too, and it goes far beyond just creating it in ESO. You keep making choices that shape your character’s identity as you play—what skills will you use? What racial styles do you like the most? What choice will you make when confronted with a dilemma in a quest? There are already many ways to develop your ESO character, but we know there’s always room for more expression. Update 3 brings more customization to your look and your guild, and today we’re diving into how we created these new features.

Via Elder Scrolls Online

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